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  In an effort to protect you the customer as well as ourselves, we can not ship large heavy expensive items by FedEx, UPS, or Common Carrier using an automation system.
If you wish to have an item like an air conditioner, a washing machine, or similarly expensive or oversized or heavy item shipped to you, please contact us
first with your requirements, so that we may arrange the shipment in a way and at a cost that best serves both of us.

  We'll need to know what item you wish to purchase, your billing and delivery addresses, and the name of the person who will sign for the item, preferably in an email to .    Be sure to tell us how long we have to get the item to you.  We want to make sure the product gets delivered to the right person!

We will shop the various delivery agents and contact you back with the best rates we can get.   
Being a small business, we can't afford the losses of items damaged in transit, and neither can you, our customer.   

The rates for normal shipments, such as USPS flat rate mailers, and for standard small items sent via FedEx that weigh under 75# are determined by the shippers
themselves.  Items shipped via FedEx require either a pickup at our facility, or a delivery to the shipper, and that  generally costs a few dollars, which you see
shown as the handling fee on your invoice.  Please note that FedEx and UPS charge by volume, not by weight, for their standard small ground shipments.
A large box, 41"X24"x9" for an air conditioner shroud, costs as much to ship empty as it does full - so when you order multiple items, we will do everything
we can reasonably do to combine your items into a single box that will ship safely, and refund you any difference in shipment costs.

Our current automation system is only smart enough to tally shipment costs from the total number of pieces in your cart as if they were each being shipped separately.
That means it creates a larger shipping cost than is necessary for multiple items, so when you buy multiple things, we can usually save you money by combining items
into a single box, and refund the difference .

One last note -

  It is always in your best interest to order things early.  Many people don't know that business days are not the same as calendar days.

When FedEx, USPS, UPS say they can deliver something in "X" BUSINESS DAYS, it means they do not count Saturdays, Sundays, or National Holidays.
Ordering something late on a Friday and using a 'Three Business Day" delivery will have that item arriving at your location not earlier than
Wednesday midnight into Thursday of the next week.  Why?  You finished turning in your order on Friday afternoon!  
It will have to billed, picked, made read for pickup,  have a pickup requested, then actually be picked up.

Here's a worst case:  You order after 1pm friday.  You ask for standard ground shipping.
It's a pretty safe bet it will be too late in the day Friday for the early pickup run... and so will sit until MONDAY for next scheduled pickup
Mon-Tues-Weds are 3 business days!  But it's been 6 calendar days from Wednesday. Many folks know this, but some don't, thats why the time to explain it.

Note - you CAN get expedited shipping for a little more (2-day), or TIME CERTAIN delivery for a LOT more.
While you could request priority overnight shipping, that is usually cost prohibitive.  And won't change the time you
complete the order... the item has to have a shipment created, it has to be picked up, it has to be processed...
people sometimes forget all that has to happen before it even begins to head your way.

Order early.  It's a lot less expensive, and works better all around.  yes, Small IN STOCK items can go priority, or priority overnight if you have
some sort of emergency, but it is expensive, and we can not change that.  Some people don't mind paying $75 - $125 to ship a $60 item,
if that is your case great!   If not, order early.  The earlier the better!

Thank you for your business

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