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1440W  Htg Element
Burner, Small for Suburban WH
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tstat 12v assy for Suburban
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Door Latch Kit
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Door Catch Kit
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120V T-stat Limit Switch
120V T-stat   Limit Switch
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Replacement furnaces and furnace parts for Suburban Brand
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Full Flow Prest-O-Lite POL Fitting
Our Price: $12.10
Full Flow Prest-O-Lite POL Fitting
Marshall Excelsior Excess Flow POL Adapter. The ME1654P Soft-Nose POL Adapter is machined of solid brass (excluding the plastic handwheel). The 1/4in MNPT fits the inlet of all standard low pressure regulators
HARD NOSE POL MALE FITTING (Full Flow PrestOLite Adapter) ME318P
Our Price: $8.76
HARD NOSE POL MALE FITTING    (Full Flow PrestOLite Adapter) ME318P
Propane Adapter Fitting; POL (Prest-O-Lite) X 1/4 Inch MNPT; With 7/8 Inch Hex Size; Brass
LP Cylinder Adapter (POL) ME475P
Our Price: $41.81
LP Cylinder Adapter (POL) ME475P
Marshall Excelsior LP Cylinder POL Adapter. The Marshall Excelsior ME475P Cylinder Adapter adapts your LP grill, portable stove or any other high pressure gas appliance to a full size LP cylinder instead of the small disposable style. Adapter SN POL x 1"
Thermostat, Analog, Heat only
Our Price: $43.26
Thermostat,  Analog, Heat only
Wall Thermostat; Single Stage; Heat Only; Non-Programmable; Small Mechanical; Mercury Free; 3-1/2 Inch x 2-1/2 Inch x 1-1/2 Inch; 24 Volt; White
Thermostat, Furnace Heat Only
Our Price: $28.79
Thermostat, Furnace Heat Only
Wall Thermostat; Single Stage; Snap-Action; Low Voltage; Heat Only; 24 Volt; White
Thermostat, Suburban Furnace (161154)
Our Price: $25.70
Thermostat, Suburban Furnace (161154)
Furnace Thermostat (heat only Robertshaw thermostat) for suburban gas furnaces. SUBURBAN FURNACE ACCESSORIES - Wall thermostat.
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