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What is your Return Policy? What about the Manufacturers Warranty?  Can I exchange something I bought from Eldon RV? Can I get my money back?
 Please know that while our policy/ies may seem unduly restrictive, we are writing these for reading/use on the web, by the general public. 
It's very difficult to write one policy that is fair to everyone in every circumstance that still protects us, without getting a bit wordy.
If you have a specific question about the hows and whys of what we do,  or about a product,  or about a cost,   about a return or exchange, etc. you can always call or email us and we will be glad to work with you as best we can to accomadate your specific circumstance, while being fair to us BOTH.  
If you are unsure about buying something,  it's best to call or write BEFORE your purchase.  It's just like asking the sales person in a physical store questions about a physical product you are considering.     Although there are folks that feel we should be able to make every customer happy in every circumstance of life, that's simply not possible.  
Instead, We strive to get the right product to you at the right cost in a fair and efficient manner. 
As a general rule, rather than accept returns,
We ask you order carefully and correctly first.  It just works better!
If you have any questions, please call us BEFORE placing your order. 
We are glad to help.  (Hint Hint - A telephone call, or an email, is lots cheaper for us BOTH than shipping the wrong item back and forth a few times, so Call us!  
Write us!  We want to get the right item to you on the first try.  )
If you complete an order form and process it... we will gladly ship you whatever you order from our web pages, no questions asked. 
But if you're unsure...  we're inviting folks like you to call us or email us first, to save us both time and trouble and...  money!
When your item is delivered, if you discover that you ordered the wrong item, it does not qualify for a return as we sent whatever you ordered. 
 If you still want to return something, you will pay to ship it back to us.  
And it must arrive in new, unused condition, in it's MFG supplied box, with no parts, pieces or instructions missing, so it will be ready to sell
before we can issue any money back.
We are not totally inflexible, but your misinforming us as to your needs or your ordering the wrong item by mistake,  results in the wrong product being delivered to you, and that  is not a fault of ours; again, we shipped what you ordered.   
YES - We *can* arrange an exchange (with the above conditions) but we can not refund the original or return shipping costs.  And there will be a charge for restocking.
Done properly - You will pay to ship the returned item back to us, we will credit the money from the original purchase price for the item - less the original shipping -  to your new purchase.
To do that, ther returned item must arrive to us in like new saleable condition in the original container at our facility.   
YES - If you want to apply your refund to a different purchase, we can do that. Or refund the original purchase minus a restocking fee.
If the returned item is not in like new resalable condition when it arrives back here, we will have to discuss with you how much of a refund you are due, if any. 
(We don't mind refunding your money, but we must be able to resell the item you're sending us. ) 
If there is a balance due us we will call or email you to complete the transaction before we ship, though we will still start working on getting the item ready to go to you. 
If there is a refund due you after arranging shipping, we will refund the overpayment to the card you originally used to purchase your item.  In fact, the refund was probably already applied before we sent the item out, though it seems to take several days before the transaction appears on the statement to the customer from the credit card companies.
IF we ship a product in OUR error ( the item does not match the item ordered ) we will make arrangements to get the proper product to you.  Period.
For that to happen, we need the item either unopened and uninstalled or repackaged in the original boxes with all the paperwork intact.
We're working very hard to be sure our part numbers match the numbers used by the manufacturers, so there won't be any confusion about this.
Please have the product to be returned ready for pickup in it's original shipping container unopened and ready to go when the carrier arrives.
We do not substitute one item for another without your permission.  We use the manufacturers part numbers / sku numbers and
all other identifying manufacturer supplied information to identify the product so you'll get the same item you've ordered.
If an item or part number has been superseded by the manufacturer, we will try to make sure we have enough info on our web pages
that you can see the numbering history, and know you are ordering the correct part.
If the manufacturer put the wrong product in the box, or did not include all parts and instructions with the package, the manufacturer is responsible.
Usually, we can catch this before the item is sent on, but, it is possible we've missed something. 
We can help you document that, and contact the manufacturer, who will determine the method for getting the correct product to you.
We have yet to find a manufacturer who refuses to work with their customers when things are done properly. 
Manufacturer's WARRANTY: (or Warranties)
Your product is covered by the warranty issued by the manufacturer.
Eldon RV is an authorized dealer, or distributor, or reseller for the products you see on our web pages. 
We are not the manufacturer.   Many manufacturer warranties only cover true defects in materials and workmanship.  
We can document when you bought your item from us, although our sales records are archived or purged at the end of each year,
and cannot go back any farther.
Many manufacturer warranties do NOT cover normal wear and tear, improper use, abuse, neglect, lack of preventive maintenance, improper installation or other end-user induced problems. 
When you purchase a product from Eldon RV, you the customer /buyer/ end user assume all responsibility for the safe and proper installation, use and care of the product(s) purchased.   

If you don't have or know the manufacturers installation/use/care instructions, or owners manuals,  start with the manufacturers website and you will find most manufacturers are very willing to provide them, usually at no charge or by download from their website. they want you to use their products safely.
 If you have trouble locating this information, we may be able to help get them for you.   But remember, we are doing this to help you, the customer.  We are not doing anything to change your relationship with the manufacturer in any way.   If you decide to abuse/misuse a product or to install it without reading the instructions first, we can NOT help that.
We're not interpreting what the manufacturer says for you; we are willing to try to help get you a copy of the installation, use, care instructions from the manufacturer.
You, the buyer also agree to release Eldon RV from any liability that may arise from proper/ improper installation, use, abuse, neglect or lack of preventative maintenance of the purchased product(s). You release us from your own errors or mis-intallation of products.  
We are customer service professionals and remind you to  ALWAYS READ and FOLLOW the MANUFACTURERS INSTRUCTIONS. 
We have found most manufacturers will honor their warranty/ies when all of their conditions regarding their product installation, use and care are met.
Remember each manufacturer has their own limitations/inclusions on their warranty/ies, which as the purchaser you can get from them by asking.
Your rights and remedies and these warranty/ies may vary from state to state, so, if you have any doubt, contact the manufacturer PRIOR to using their product(s)
if you have any questions about their policy/ies.
For any other questions, contact us within 20 days from the original delivery date.
You may email us at or call us at 903-455-0780.
We will review the issue and reply to you, along with further instructions / clarifications from the manufacturer (if any)..
Please include a valid telephone number and your physical address.
Items must be new, in saleable condition, unused and uninstalled, containing all the original product packaging and accessories, including all manuals, paperwork, parts, etc. as sent from the manufacturer or we will not consider them for any type of exchanges.  Call us to discuss what needs to happen regarding your exchange PRIOR to shipping it to us. 
Eldon RV does not knowingly sell or ship seconds, defective or damaged products without prior notice and customer consent.  If we sell/ship a reconditioned or reclaimed item,
we will have advertised it as such, and the customer will KNOW that the item is not a per-se NEW item, but a reconditioned, remanufactured, reclaimed item.
Items that are new and in the original manufacturer's packaging, unopened, are considered to be new in box, even if discontinued.  
Nonetheless, We carefully inspect all items prior to shipment to insure that they are in good condition and that all items are shipped correctly.
However, from time to time, items will be damaged in transit or may be missing from the shipment.  There are several steps involved in getting your item to you, and each
introduces some small chance for damage or loss.
Motor Freight carriers, UPS/FedEx, etc. shipping companies are VERY restrictive in their policies.
They will not pay claims if you deviate from their prescribed method in any way.  
We suggest that you inspect your shipment before the carrier leaves. Report any shortages or damaged boxes to the company's driver before he leaves.
If you will/can not be on site for your delivery -
Items damaged in shipment must be reported within 7 days of the delivery date to THE SHIPPING COMPANY.
This includes items that arrive missing parts or paperwork due to torn or opened cartons.
Please check all packages as soon as they arrive to make sure that no invisible damage has been incurred during shipment and that all expected boxes have arrived.
In the event of a problem due to shipment by UPS, FedEX, etc. (the shipper)
The original shipping costs will not be refunded.  A claim will have to be filed with the carrier. 
Failing to inspect your delivery and report issues may cause unnecessary delays and will negate our ability to assist you should an item be missing or damaged.
If you do not inspect each package, WE CANNOT AND WILL NOT be responsible or able to help with any claims you may make regarding damaged or missing items.
This includes items delivered to you with NO SIGNATURE REQUIRED.  (One of the reasons we recommend using the ADULT SIGNATURE REQUIRED delivery option.)
Refused shipments will incur a 20% restocking fee with no credit for shipping charges.  Gift Certificates, E-discounts and E-Certificates cannot be returned.
We strive to process and ship all orders as soon as possible.
Some items are in stock, some are not. Non stock orders will take 3-5 business days LONGER to arrive. 
Again, we will ship you exactly what you ordered, not something else (without your permission).  If you want us to have the option to substitute, call us, or note it in your order.
If we offer two or three shades of white of a product, and you do not care which color white we send (as long as it is white) you have to NOTE IT in the CUSTOMER NOTES section provided, or we will not substitute, though we may call or email you and offer you a substitution. 
Once an order has been shipped to you, it cannot be cancelled.  It's already on it's way.
NOTE:  We do sometimes have reconditioned or reclaimed items, like generators, tools, sometimes even entire RV's for sale.  We will discuss warranties with you at the time we are negotiating the sale on a case by case basis if you like,  to be sure we are both satisfied with the sale.  MFG warranties and our labor are different issues.     Anything we sell that is reconditioned, reclaimed, used, factory seconds, etc. will be clearly identified. 
If we issue a refund It can take up to 45 days for your Financial Institution to process the refund so that it appears on your credit card, no matter how quickly we actually processed and authorized the refund. 
If you are going to be sending an item to us, Please mail or ship your package in a prepaid, insured, traceable method to the appropriate address below.
Your photgraphic documentation (if you have any) of the original packaging will help with any claims against the shipping company.
Ship to: Eldon RV Repair 147 CR2240 Greenville, TX 75402
Mail to: Eldon RV PO Box 8708 Greenville, TX 75404.
Our telephone is 903-455-0780
Again, we value every one of our customers, and thank you for your business.  We are not inflexible or unreasonable, but because of that...
 we've had to come up with a few rules to protect ourselves as well as our customers.
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