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To purchase a product:
  • First, use the "Add to Cart" or "Buy now" buttons to place an item in the shopping basket.
  • After a product is added to the shopping basket, you can click the "View or Edit Cart" links to update quantities or remove products from the basket, or to estimate shipping costs.
  • Once you have the products and quantities finalized, you can click the "Checkout" link
  • Next, please complete the required Billing, Shipping and Payment information. 
  • If you have separate Billing and Shipping addresses (ship to:) be sure to list them in the right place.  If you have problems with a card not working, having the shipping and billing addresses reversed could be the reason!
  • NOTE: WE do not control the FedEx shipment computers.  Sometimes they balk at shipping to various zip codes, especially if you use the Zip+4.  If you are having a problem with the computer telling you that "Shipment is not available to your zipcode" it could be because of that.  Try leaving the +4 off, if you can, or call us for help.  We will see if we can't set up the shipment manually to get it to go through.
  • Finally, select the Order Complete option to complete the transaction.   Your payment is processed SECURELY, with all the IP addresses logged. The system will send you a confirmation of your order and information and send us a copy of your order.  Note that PayPal only accounts will verify funds before they process.  (if you paid using your PayPal payout instead of a card number PayPal will verify the account is good before they process the order.)
Once the order has been processed a confirmation email will be sent and the product(s) shipped to the designated address. 
We'll include a printed copy of the receipt with your item.
Thank you for shopping at Eldon RV !
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RV Repair Including Insurance / Warranty Work Roofing, Paint, Generators, Major appliances and more
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