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Carefree Awnings have an ID tag on them.. Send us the info from the tag found on the Roller tube - Pictures work best 

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Carefree Awning Replacement Parts
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Carefree Awning Replacement Parts
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Carefree of Colorado has been manufacturing RV Awnings for over 40 years and offers a complete line of awnings and accessories to outfit your coach and make your RV adventures fun and more carefree!

RV Awnings Designed with You in Mind

Carefree’s awnings are available in Electric or Manual configurations. The powered (12v or 110v) awnings will open and close with just the push of a button. Carefree’s electric awnings also come with optional Direct Response Electronics that sense the canopy’s motion and automatically retract the awning when this motion gets beyond a predetermined threshold. Along with the Direct Response Electronics, Carefree’s awnings come with an optional remote control, so you can open or close your awning from almost anywhere on your campsite. Carefree manual awnings come in crank or pull out options, allowing you to open and close the awning manually as you see fit.

Carefree’s awnings are available in widths ranging from as low as 8’ to as wide as 25’, depending on the coverage and type of coach you need to outfit. The extension heights are more commonly 8’, but there are some awnings that can go as high as 10’ if necessary. Additionally, a select few of Carefree’s awnings come with either a dual pitch option or an easy-to-use adjustable pitch, allowing you to block the sun out in the early morning or early evenings. The hardware for all of our awnings comes in three color options: satin, white or black.

When it comes to awning canopies, Carefree has over 100 different colors of fabric for you to choose from. Colors are not the only options, however; Carefree also offers you an array of fabric patterns to choose from such as Dune Stripes, Shale Fades, or Denim Stripes.  Carefree even offers a variety of fabric materials, including Vinyl, Polyweave Vinyl, Premium Vinyl, and Acrylic  to allow you to find the perfect fabric to match your coach and your style.

If you already have a Carefree Awning or Slideout cover... you can find a tag on the roller tube with your product numbers, including the serial number, that will aid in finding the
correct replacement parts for your specific item.

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