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This page is for RV Publications, user manuals, pdfs and useful links as they are requested by our customers. 
We hope you will find the information presented here useful.
(This page is always a work in progress. If you have an important press release or document that belongs here, let us know! )

My name is Paul and I am a plumber/blogger.
I’ve just written a post titled “The Comprehensive Guide to Gutting out a Toilet Tank”.

You can read this post here:The Comprehensive Guide to Gutting out a Toilet System

The Comprehensive Guide to Gutting Out a Toilet System - See more at:
The Comprehensive Guide to Gutting Out a Toilet System - See more at:
The Comprehensive Guide to Gutting Out a Toilet System - See more at:
NEW for 2014 - - All kinds of information about what's trending, what's not, and useful information for RV'ers
Want to WINTERIZE your RV?  THIS CHECKLIST  should help (or, give us a call and we'll be glad to get 'er dun for you!)
Working on your own RV, Camper or Trailer Air Conditioner?  Try this link
Looking for COLEMAN -MACH RVP literature? Click Here
Need a COLEMAN PARTS CHARTClick HERE for a searchable PDF.
Mail us the part number you find on the chart, and we'll find the pricing, lead time, availability for you.
Looking for a DOMETIC part number or  DOMETIC MANUAL
For a direct link to DOMETIC USA User Manuals (current), CLICK HERE
For older manuals, including European models from DOMETIC, Click HERE
I'm working a de-obfuscator for them...  click here for version one.
Do you own a PENGUIN Air Condition from Dometic? 
The original series is being phased out of production, replaced by new PENGUIN II.
The new boat tailed shrouds will fit either new or old style units.
But you can't fit an old style shroud on the new Penguin II.
They do still make
shrouds to fit the Original Style Penguins.
 Got a Thetford Toilet?  Need a manual or some help getting a part number? Try this link    Click to go to the Thetford Manuals Page
From the fine folks at

Absorption refrigeration vs. compressor refrigeration

Obvously, the refrigerator in an RV is smaller than your unit at home because of space considerations. Plus, an absorption refrigerator operates differently and requires different maintenance guidelines. An absorption refrigerator, as used in RVs, is a continuous cooling unit with no moving parts. Unlike your refrigerator at home, it has no compressor, which means silent operation.

Because of its operation, it's important to keep your absorption refrigerator level. When your RV is going to be stationary for a period of time, it's a good idea to level it so your refrigerator can operate properly. A good rule to remember is that if you can comfortably walk around your RV with no inclines or wobbling, the unit is level enough for your refrigerator too.

Leveling is not critical when your vehicle is moving. The rolling and pitching movement of a mobile RV help to keep the unit operating efficiently.
************** From the fantastic pages a Via NTP Distribution...

  Is that wire RED ??? or dirty and Brown??? Or, maybe it's ORANGE...
Here's How MOST trailer wiring started - before somebody else worked on it - and now you gotta fix it...   ggg... hope it helps.
Driving in BAD WEATHER:
Hurrican Irene prompted folks to request a link to someplace where you could look up the BAD WEATHER for your area and the predictions.
Then there was Sandy.   What are YOU driving INTO?   (Most drivers don't file a 'flight plan' so they don't check the weather out in front... WHY?)

THIS LINK will take you to page where you can choose (by ticking the boxes on the right) which weather forecast info you see on the map.
Links to Various Hard-to-Find Owners Manuals
Dometic's LW3000 Genset exploded view
Just for fun:
This link is supposed to be for kids -- it is an interactive game to teach them how to properly dispose of or recycle things.
The music and  the faces these things make are cute enough you can kill several minutes just playing with it yourself.  (Link to the folks at>>>)
We encourage all rv'ers to remember the folks that will be coming through later will see what we leave behind... clean up your site and dispose of waste properly!
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