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The BEST place to find the tag that tells you which Coleman product you have on the roof is 
on the cover over the evaporator coil:
The number on the air conditioner (or heat pump) is very helpful when trying to locate parts.
It works much better than going by the year or brand of vehicle it happens to be mounted on...
Celing Assembly for Colman Mach Air Conditioners ONLY - Heat pumps take a different box
Ceiling assembly, air box, ceiling unit for Coleman Mach Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps in ducted and direct output configurations.
Coleman Thermostats
Thermostats for Coleman Mach rooftop air conditioners and heat pumps
Repair Parts (Start - Run Capacitors, PTCRs, etc.)
Repair parts for your Coleman Mach (Start - Run capacitors, PTCRs, start devices)
Airxcel / RV Products Division
Shrouds direct the air over the coils for more efficient operation of your Coleman Air Conditioner or Heat Pump
A thermostat for every Coleman-Mach RV application. Wall thermostats are designed to mounted a specific height above the floor. Follow directions when installing Coleman thermostats.
RV Repair Including Insurance / Warranty Work Roofing, Paint, Generators, Major appliances and more
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