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Thermostat, Analog Standard (12v 6-wire) Heat/Cool Coleman thermostat (7330G3351)

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Our Price: $63.95
Item Number: 60277
Manufacturer: Coleman
Manufacturer Part No: 7330G3351
Unit ships vias USPS
(RVP) Coleman Mach 12-volt 6-wire Std. A/C Thermostat, Analog 7330G3351
#60277  12V STD H/C THERMOSTAT, single Stage, Heat/Cool, analog (no display, no plugs)
Part Number:  7330G3351
Case Color:    White
Description:   Single Stage Heat/Cool Wall Thermostat
Power:          12Vdc
Pinout or Wiring diagram for Coleman Thermostat Standard 12v 6-wire Analog Thermostat Hookup
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This is a standard analog 12 volt 6-wire thermostat designed specifically to control a wide variety of 
Coleman Mach Air Conditioners and heat strips.  It's straightforward design makes wiring simple
and repeatable.  It is set up for single stage units.   
12V STD H/C THERMOSTAT  for Coleman-Mach
12V STD H/C THERMOSTAT  for Coleman-Mach

Product Reviews

(46 Ratings, 10 Reviews) Average Rating:
B. Louis (Routledge) 10/28/2015 2:45 PM
Ordered this thermostat after talking to the guy on the phone . Replaced the old one fine but don't fit the old bezel. Works great, runs the ac and the furnace.
No Base plate
Tech (admin) 4/1/2015 5:28 PM
If you have an old Coleman 6-wire thermostat you may have one that has a base plate (or a 'bezel' ) around it. That particular style hasn't been made in quite a long time. It's beyond even 'legacy support' stage. You take the old bezel off the wall... take the faceplate off the new thermostat... After you've hooked up the wires on the new t'stat... You fasten the new thermostat directly to the wall with no bezel. There are two places inside the new stat to put screws, with enough adjustment room so that if you didn't get it exactly straight on the wall you can still adjust it and then tighten the screws to the wall so it won't move and it ends up neat and straight like it should be.
Click on the pic for the wiring diagram
Barry Hart (Atlanta) 3/9/2015 4:09 PM
super easy thermostat to install don't know why they don't tell you all you gotta do is click on the pciture to get the wiring diagrm
works could be cheaper
sheila watson (phoenix) 2/26/2015 9:39 AM
I found this thermostat in allot of places but everytime I tried to order it there was either a bunch of other charges or they acted like they didn't care. I called these guys to make sure I got the right one and they actually took the time to figure out what was the right thermostat for my unit I just wish they could ship it free
Sophia Thomas (San Bernadino) 1/6/2015 11:41 AM
These guys are pretty homespun and easy to deal with. Just got my thermostat in the mail and it's exactly what they said... a straight on analog unit I can use. I'm using the heat switch to run my furnace fine.
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